SAIC - Low-Res MFA

The Low-Res MFA consists of 3 summers spent in Chicago and 4 semesters spent in your home base community - connecting with peers/professors over the internet, taking online classes, and connecting 1-on-1 with a mentor in your home base community.

I did my first year of undergraduate study at SAIC - I remain connected with several artists in that community years after moving back to California and have since taken summer classes at their affiliated summer program Ox-Bow.

It's a good school and the Low-Res program could be a great way to build on my community in Chicago as well as connect with a mentor in the Bay Area.

My biggest concern with this program is the social connection. Connecting with peers over the internet is not ideal especially when sharing art, but on the other hand it does build a social practice of maintaining connection over distance. If your peer connections are all based on studio proximity it can be difficult to weather a move or other life changes.