Teaching. Yes, I'd love to.

I do want to teach. Lively class discussion is something I've always adored, but I know It takes practice to facilitate good discussion rather than simply participating in it. I've been watching great teachers teach my whole life (looking at you!), and I've been taking notes! Not just on the material they present, but how they engage different kinds of students, how they structure the class and how they build an atmosphere in the room. This is something I want to learn how to do.

I think I would be a good art teacher for young college students or older students in high school. These are moments when young artists are really looking around and comparing themselves to everyone and everything. I would try to push them toward their own best work and give them the tools to process critique in a way that is helpful to their work, not harmful to themselves. It's an important reminder (especially when you are young) that confidence is not innate or directly proportional to “success” - it takes practice to both trust yourself and ALSO learn from others. 

Lectures, or class components that have really stuck with me from those early years:

Drawing - Learning to see vs look, softening your eyes and loosening your gesture.

Ceramics - Having to throw work off a ladder was a great reminder not to become too attached, and to find joy in the making. (Although I may have negotiated my way out of actually doing this. Hmm)

Currency, Art and Value - investigating the evolution of currency and concepts of value, and how that has related to art (and other intangibles). I think this class should be mandatory for ALL students, art-majors or otherwise.

Painting - beginning with only cadmium red, cadmium yellow and ultramarine blue was incredibly frustrating, but definitely set me up to see the true value of other minerals/colors, rather than using them as a crutch.

I'm a person who just loves to learn and I know I would learn a lot from my students. I enjoy the structure of a school-semester and love being part of a school community.