Why an MFA? Why Fall 2018?

Even if I wasn't interested in teaching art (I am) - I would still be pursuing an MFA right now. When non-art friends ask what an MFA is, I compare it to a start-up incubator program or a project based MBA. I tell them it's not necessary, but an incredible opportunity to make connections with other motivated artists and push your limits. It's not something you sign up for unless your fledgling business can hit the ground running and truly benefit from the opportunities and challenges offered within a relatively short period of time.

"Apply when the work you're making is a freight train" someone wise advised me last year. Craving the rigor and richness of a classroom environment and energized by a new level of complexity in the work I was making, I was personally ready to commit to an MFA. The work itself was gaining momentum by the day, but I also recognized that it hadn't yet outgrown my studio. A full year later and my studio is bursting at the seams. 

I can't wait to be back in the classroom and the work I'm making is unstoppable - it knows what it's about and will continue to grow with every new challenge I throw it's way. In the next few years I'll certainly be exploring the following:

- Making my installations more interactive, increasing the use of technology without losing the physicality of material space. 

- Incorporating my abstract ceramic forms in installation, re-making interior landscape (physically and psychologically)

- Experimenting with the readability of writing in my work, increasing the specificity of content in each work

- Increase my outreach, applying for more opportunities and engaging with social-media

In 2020: I expect my art will have grown in ways I never expected, I'll have new ideas to explore and new mentors to look up to. I'll have made lasting friendships with a group of awesome artists - challenging and inspiring each other to make better work and get that work out in the world. I'll push my limits and hit the ground running - ready to continue that momentum after graduation.