Wonton Incubation

29 x 35 x 17 inches - Cold-finished mid-fire porcelain, LED lights, cabinet - 2019


An Intimate Infestation

21 x 43 x 23 inches - Mid-Fire unglazed porcelain and paint on chair - 2019


A Benevolent Cult

24 x 46 x 22 inches - Low-fire sculpture clay and paint on chair - 2019


September - 9/18/18 2pm 56 degrees

26 x 5 x 4 inches - Mid-fire unglazed porcelain - 2018


July Installation

15’ x 13’ x 8’ - 2018 - Baltimore, MD

Three investigations of translucency, layering and texture - fabric, oil paint, ink, and chalk pastel

Fever Dream

10’x10’ oil paint and chalk pastel on un-stretched canvas

Featured at the ArtPoint Annual Gala at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, CA (May 2018)


What Remains

72 inches tall x 56 inches diameter - Cardboard, glue, linen, 2017 

Participants can enter the trunk and sit/meditate in darkness with faint flecks of light dimly visible overhead. Intended for one participant at a time.


Porcelain Meditations 2017

This series is about being present with the clay and the moment. Each piece is made in one sitting - titled as the time I begin. I think of these pieces as extending that moment.


From Here - Paintings

This series of paintings was hung together at Little Boxes Theater in San Francisco (Nov. 2017). Composed of multiple canvases, each piece is developed from a specific moment in a journey. Depicting dramatic views of nature, they speak just as much about internal places. Beginning as chalk pastel sketches, built up with hundreds, sometimes thousands of words and layers of oil paint.


Ground Embrace

5 inches tall x 60 inches diameter - over 300 lbs raw recycled clay, 24 hour installation

Meditative and highly physical exploration of gesture and fingerprint on a full-body scale. Creation and destruction of this piece was witnessed. This photographed state was visible for 6 daylight hours. (2015)