Installation. This piece is underway, but will not be complete until installed. A 3 minute video experience of the installation will be the first piece in my MFA application portfolio. Installation tentatively scheduled for December 2nd at Little Boxes Theater.

The experience is intended for a single participant at a time. Before entering the space, the participant will be handed bluetooth earbuds. The participant will hear a spoken word piece that changes dynamically as they move through the installation space. At the center of the space is a large sculptural object that the viewer can enter and experience from inside (this fact will be displayed at the entrance to the installation).  The audio changes based on the participant's proximity to the inside of the sculpture.

Upon entering the space, the participant will stand in an area lit like a stage with a wall of bright light separating the participant from the sculpture. Audio 1 will begin.

* Here is a mockup of Audio 1. It's still in the early stages.

As the participant makes their way toward the bright light, Audio 1 intensifies. When they move beyond the brightest light, Audio 1  begins to fade and Audio 2 joins in. 

At this point, the sculpture is clearly visible (lit softly). The closer to the sculpture they get, the less of Audio 1 they can hear - when they are in arms-reach of the sculpture, there is no Audio 1 heard at all and they begin to hear Audio 3.

* Here is a mockup of Audio 1 receding - Audio 2 and Audio 3 beginning. SO much work to do with this, but I wanted to show where I'm going with it.

Walking around the sculpture, the participant will discover that in order to enter the sculpture, they need to crawl through a low curtained entryway. Once inside, the curtain closes behind them. The participant is now sitting on the cushioned ground, hearing only Audio 3. The space is small, but the participant can move and shift in a seated position without touching the walls - overhead, the height of the space is exaggerated with very faint pin-pricks of light. The participant can sit inside and listen to Audio 3 as long as they like.. the longer they listen, the quieter it gets.

When the participant emerges, the audio fades out completely. The stage lights are off and both the exit and the sculpture are softly illuminated.

The sculpture is made of cardboard. 6' 6" tall and approximately 4' in diameter. Silk interior, silk curtain with blackout lining.

The original plan was to add a little color and possibly even glitter to the exterior, but the cardboard layering technique I'm using might be enough on it's own. Any added media to the surface would be subtle - the intention is to emphasize the cardboard textures.


* This piece originally included a ceramic component that I edited out. 

It's IN PROGRESS. The lower section is beginning to meet around the sides and expand toward the top of the piece. It's slow and laborious.